Customs Commissionerate, Pune was created in July 1997 consequent to the trifurcation of the Commissionerate of Central Excise and Customs, Pune. The Commissionerate which was  under the jurisdiction of Customs Mumbai-III Zone earlier has since come under the jurisdiction of Central Excise & Customs Pune Zone with effect from 26th July 2007 .  The jurisdiction of the Commissionerate extends to 7 Revenue districts in the State   of Maharashtra viz. Pune, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur and Solapur. 

There are four Inland Container Depots in this Commissionerate– three at Pune and one at Miraj (Sangli) which basically cater to the needs of manufacturers located in or around Pune.   A few minor ports at Ratnagiri, Dabhol, Jaigad, Vijaydurg also handle imports / exports. The Pune Airport has since  been declared as a Customs airport in  January, 1997 for the export of specified goods. With effect from 12th December 2005, Pune Airport has been notified as an International Airport for the clearance of  passengers and baggage.

The important functions carried out in the Commissionerate are  (i) Anti Smuggling and Preventive work  including of anti-narcotic functions –  collection of  intelligence,  Joint Sea Patrolling, Night Road Patrolling, Patrolling of Coast / Creeks through  departmental boats / vessels, Rummaging of cargo vessels. (ii) Assessment of Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills and related work at CFS  Pimpri, ICD Dighi, ICD Miraj (Sangli), ICD Pimpri-Chinchwad and coastal customs divisions at Ratnagiri and Dapoli (iii)  enforcement of NDPS Act, 1985  (v)  Marine wing operations at Ratnagiri and  (v) manning of the telecommunications network in the entire Konkan area both in the inland region as also along the coast line starting from Bankot in the north to Kiranpani in the south.

Field Formations

Container Freight Station, Pimpri        


Container Freight Station (CFS), Pimpri came into existence with effect from 15.06.1990 vide Public notice No. 4/90 dtd. 11.06.1990. Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) is the custodian for this CFS. Major commodities imported through this CFS are  Iron & Steel in primary form, Plastics and articles, Electrical goods, Organic chemicals, Man made staple fibre,  oress/slabs/ashes, Machinery and parts thereof, Poultry feed, etc.  The commodities exported include Valves, Hubs etc.

Inland Container Depot, Dighi  


Inland Container Depot, Dighi was notified vide this Commissionerate’s Notification No. 4/98-Cus (NT) dated 30th September 1998 and started operations with effect from 21.10.98. M/s. Dynamic Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Pune is the custodian for this ICD. Major commodities imported through this ICD include PVC Resin, Machinery, Mineral Substances, Iron & Steel, etc.  The major commodities exported are  Diesel Engines, Boilers, Automobile Parts, Engineering Goods, etc.

Inland Container Depot, Miraj      


Inland Container Depot, Miraj was made operational vide Public Notice No. 103/2001 dtd 10.12.2001 with effect from  21.12.2001.  M/s. CONCOR is the custodian for this ICD.  Major commodities imported through this ICD include Machinery, Yarn etc.  The commodities exported are  Sugar and Textiles. 

Inland Container Depot, Pimpri -Chinchwad       


Inland Container Depot, Pimpri- Chinchwad located at Chinchwad Goods Shed of CONCOR was declared as Customs area vide this Commissionerate’s Notification No. 1/2003-Cus dated 17th Jan. 2003 and made operational with effect from  21.03.2003.  M/s CONCOR is the custodian for this ICD. Major commodities imported through this ICD include  Heavy Melting Scrap, Polyvinyl Chloride Granules, Packaging Machinery, Asbestos Sheets, etc.



Inland Container Depot, Talegaon


Inland Container Depot, Talegaon is located at A-18 & A-18/1, Talegaon Floriculture and Industrial Park, Talegaon MIDC, Navlakh Umbre, District Pune. M/s KSH Distri Parks are the Custodian for this ICD.  

Customs Preventive Division, Ratnagiri   


Ratnagiri Customs Division was created in January 1975. It covers a coastline jurisdiction of approx. 250 kms.  The jurisdiction of this Division extends to the whole of Sindhudurg District and three talukas and Ratnagiri District from Jaigad in the north to Kiranpani in the South. There are 13 major/ minor ports attached to this Division, primarily, to regulate the work of issuing passes relating to fishing vessels. The important ports are Jaigad, Bhagvati Bandar, Deogad, Malvan and Vengurla. Road Checking Parties are at Kankawli & Sawantwadi and operate mainly for checking Mumbai - Goa traffic and traffic coming from the coastal roads for preventing contraband movement.

Apart from preventive functions, the division also oversees the work of import and export through the Ranpar port in Ratnagiri.  Major imports through this port include Chemicals (Ethylene & Ethylene di-chloride) imported by M/s Finolex Industries, Petroleum products (LPG) by M/s Bharat Petroleum Corporation. Bauxite and Molasses are exported from Jaigad and Vijaydurg ports. There is one Private Bonded Warehouse of M/s Bharati Shipyard Ltd., which is importing raw material required for ship building and export of tugs & vessels.

Customs Preventive Division, Dapoli   


This division is operational with headquarters at Dapoli since 1991. The jurisdiction of Preventive Customs Division is from Mahableshwar to Sangmeshwar  in the inland area and from Bankot port to Boria port on the sea coast. This jurisdiction comprises of Wai & Mahableshwar Talukas of Satara District & Mandangad, Dapoli, Khed, Chiplun, Guhagar & Sangmeshwar Talukas of Ratnagiri District. It covers almost three fourth of Ratnagiri District.  There are 3 Road-Checking Parties (Khed, Chiplun and Mahabaleshwar) and 6 Custom Houses (Dabhol, Harnai, Bankot, Kelshi, Boria, Palshet) in Dapoli Division. The important ports are Harnai, Dabhol & Bankot. Road Checking Parties conduct preventive checks. Joint Sea Patrolling is carried out to prevent smuggling activities in the coastal area. 

Lohegaon Air Cargo Terminal   


Pune Air port has been declared as a Customs airport on 17 January, 1997.  This was originally notified for export of perishable agriculture produce items like flowers, fruits, vegetables and processed food.  Vide Notification No.108/2005 - Cus (N.T) dated 9.12.2005, unloading of imported goods and loading of export goods or any class of such goods has been permitted by the Government.  A few consignments of perishable cargo have been exported from Pune Air Port consequent to assessment and clearance by customs ICD, Dighi. 

Lohegaon International Airport      

 Pune Airport has been notified as International Airport for clearance of passengers and baggage with effect from 12th December, 2005.  At present, international flights are operated to foreign destinations like Dubai and Singapore .

Wireless Communication Set –Up         


The Commissionerate has a vast wireless Communication setup covering distance of about 400 Kms along the coastal areas and was established in 1975 at Pune, Dapoli and Ratnagiri Customs Divisions for providing communication cover for anti-smuggling operations.


The existing wireless network consists of 30 static radio stations including 4 repeater stations providing HF and VHF communications. The VHF repeater stations have been set up at Sinhgad (Pune), Mahabaleshwar, Gaganbavada and Amboli.  The Commissionerate Hqrs can contact any field formation, boats on sea patrolling and mobile stations and vice versa though these repeater stations. Both the  Customs Divisions at Ratnagiri and Dapoli are linked to Headquarters at  Pune on HF sets.  In the Customs divisions, the radio communication using HF/VHF sets have been provided to all the Superintendents and Inspectors manning the shore guard offices.  All vehicles and boats including 12 Joint Sea Patrolling Crafts have also been fitted with VHF radio sets for mobile communication.  Hand held VHF radio sets are available at all radio stations for use by the preventive staff.

Marine Workshop    


A marine workshop was established in 1976 at Bhagvati Bandar, Ratnagiri to undertake the repair and maintenance of  the Customs vessels of Ratnagiri, Dapoli and Goa.

The workshop has all the necessary infrastructure and machinery except for a slipway/ for hoisting and lowering of vessels.

There are six functional sea going vessels and three small FRP tenders.  Besides these, repairs of  fiberglass boats,  welding, turning, boring, electrical and electronic appliances, and carpentry jobs are undertaken by this workshop.


 Actual in the past 5 years:  (Rs. In Crores)

ZONE 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
2013-14 (Upto January 2014)
Actuals 260.96 386.97 852.51 845.54 777.16
Excess/Shortfall vis a vis last year -2.15% 48.28% 120.30% -0.82%  


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Formation wise Customs revenue collections in the last 5 years:
(Rs. in Crores )




2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 (Upto January 2014)
Ratnagiri 133.86   527.06 515.67 477.70
ICD Dighi 70.79   19.51 -5.23 10.03
CFS,  Pimpri 5.60   5.15 6.71 -0.95
ICD Pimpri - Chinchwad 11.78   17.63 14.92 7.08
ICD Talegaon 35.92   210.96 245.53 217.33
Airport 0.34 1.13 0.54 1.11
Dapoli 2.67 71.07 59.55 61.18
SEZ & Others - - 7.85 3.67
COMM’TE TOTAL 260.96 386.97 852.51 845.54 777.16

Comparative Customs Revenue Collection : (Rs. in Crores )



Aggregate Increase/Decrease

  Upto January 2013

 Upto January 2014

Over Last year’s Actuals

635.36 777.16 +141.8


Comparative Customs Revenue Collections (Month wise) (Rs. in Crores )



April 166.64
May 55.64
June 23.26
July 45.26
August 49.16
September 48.47
October 88.95





2013-14 (upto January 2014) (Rs. in Crores)

Sr. No Formation Nos.   Bills of
Imports Volume MTs/TEU Imports Value (in crores) Nos. Shipping
Exports Volume MTs/TEU Exports Value
1 ICD Dighi            
2 CFS Pimpri            
3 ICD Chinchwad            
5 ICD Talegaon 2361 138178 1255.41 12975 39936.58 1338.96
6 Ratnagiri 240 4689210.00 2912.40 65 2324329.15 812.67

Passenger Clearance at Pune International Airport

Month No. of Incoming Flights No. of  outgoing flights No. of  incoming passengers No. of   outgoing passengers % of passengers Cleared through Green channel
Mar, 13          
Apr, 13          
May, 13          
Jun, 13          
July, 13          
Aug, 13          
Sept, 13          

The Airport is mainly a facilitation station and not a revenue earning point. 

  Top Ten Importers ( Rs. in Crores)     


Sr.No. Name and address of the Importer Major Commodities imported

Revenue Collected 2013-14 (Rs in crores)

For the month Upto the month

Finolex Industries Ltd

Chemicals, PVC Resin, Steaming Coal 28.20 135.73

JSW Energy Ratnagiri Ltd

Coal 9.35 42.18
3 Bridgestone India Ltd Machinery for Tyre Industries 4.39 39.65
4 GAIL India Ltd LNG 0.00 28.46
5 DSM Engineering Plastics India Pvt Ltd PBT/Nylon Chips, Glass Fibres 3.65 21.67
6 Sona Alloys Coke 0.37 8.17
7 Bilcare Ltd PVC film, Alu Alu Foil, Aluminium Foil 0.72 7.21
8 JSW Ispat Steel Ltd Iron Ore Fines 0.00 4.66
9 General Motors Ltd

Steel Sheet, CR Coil, Motor Vehicles

0.00 37.92
10 Chevrolet Sales India Pvt Ltd

Passenger Car

0.00 4.13
11 Gujrat NRE Coke Ltd


0.00 0.90


Top Ten Exporters ( Rs. in Crores)


Sr. No

Name of the Assessee Revenue upto October 2012 Revenue upto October 2013
1 Krupadeep Traders, Goa 0.00 3.07
2 Bhoomi Resources, Bangalore 0.00 2.31
3 Ashapura Minechem 0.00 2.46
4 Samrudhha Resources Lts, Mumbai 93.58 43.23
5 Gold Star Metal Sol Pvt Ltd, Mumbai 18.55 0.35
6 Rata Iron Ore & Minerals Exports Pvt Ltd 0.00 6.31
7 Rajan Kumar & Bros (Impex) Ltd., Mumbai 5.72 10.55
8 Ashok Alco Chem Ltd Mumbai 2.24 0.00
9 Ghogte Minerals 0.00 0.00


Karishma Exports 0.00 0.00



Formation Wise Customs Net Revenue  

Rs in crores                                     


2012-13 Upto January 2013 2013-14 Upto January 2014

Customs Ratnagiri

396.24 477.70

ICD Dighi

-7.58 10.03

CFS,  Pimpri

4.36 -0.95

ICD Pimpri  Chinchwad

10.68 7.08
ICD Talegaon 205.18 217.33

Pune Airport

0.44 1.11

Customs Dapoli

26.04 61.18

SEZ & Others

0.00 3.67


635.36 777.16
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